International companies are finding it increasingly challenging to enter the South Asian markets using their yardstick of global experience that is assumption based calculated speculation.

We as a company not only provide tailor made business plans but also take responsibility in execution of targets that are usually 10 times the existing potential of the market. We are extremely picky & take on clients only when we can add value by targeting an exponential multiplication of market share. In short we act like branch offices of international companies without the huge expenditure & experimentation involved in entering the market.

Our compensation is based as a percentage of the targeted multiplication of turnover that we achieve which ensures result oriented, rationalized expenses in these days of global economic slowdown.

We provide the following services in sequence of time relevance:-

  1. Preliminary evaluation of the existing market potential of the product / services.
  2. Confirmation of market potential with extensive country wide market survey & test marketing.
  3. Preparation of business plan with multifold growth in projected turnover over the next 5 years.
  4. Complete unified brand management execution of the business plan covering government permissions, legality, finance, vendors, suppliers, advertising, promotions, etc.
  5. Quarterly audited feedback to evaluate cost v/s returns revenue generation.

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Bret Schnitker, has fifteen years in the retail sectors, starting in apparel stores, from sales and management of a number of retail stores early in his career, rising up through the ranks at a prominent retail chain in the U. S., ultimately to be one of the fastest promoted in the history of the company, setting new records for sales and profitability in categories of responsibility, learning merchandising, planning, production, product design. Before leaving the company he had risen to a Vice president status. He took with him the experience and helped to create what Stars Design Group, Inc is today, an international multi faceted manufacturing organization, focusing on moderate to better clothing, textile and hard goods.





Bret Schnitker

Dayal Alwani joined his family business in 1965, in Mumbai. At that time the main line of business was retail of fabrics & manufacturing of garments, export of jewellery & handicrafts. In the next 19 years between 1970 & 1989, Dayal had diversified & opened jewellery stores in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, St.Thomas & 2 stores in St.Maarten.
Dayal has an astute sense of business & has taken his fine jewelry & rare Swiss timepieces stores to Aruba  as well.

The current projects to his credit are -
- Development of 10 acres of prime property in down town Turks & Caicos.
- A shopping mall condominiums, hotel & casino spread over 11 acres in Palm Beach, Aruba .
- Acquisition of a mega supermarket in St.Maarten, amongst ownership of additional residential & commercial holdings.

The two stores in Aruba & St Maarten have been recognized as Leading Jewelers of the World.

Dayal’s vast experience & expertise in retailing & realty development apart from his high level political contacts provides invaluable input & guidance in brand management.

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Dayal Alwani

James Nashman has three years in retail business development and twenty one years in real estate investment and development. James started his career with a major national Department Store chain headquarted in St. Louis, Missouri, responsible for business development of retail product in a key sector of the chain.

Subsequently, James entered into the real estate arena, specializing in site acquisitions for retail, office, apartment and hotel developments. After opening key new markets in Florida, Colorado and Michigan for a major development firm, James co-founded a large and prestigious development firm headquarted in Bonita Springs, Florida where the firm has quickly grown and become fully diversified. James and his firm have years of experience in structuring, acquiring, developing, constructing and financing commercial, retail, luxury residential and mixed use developments.

James has extensive experience in working efficiently and very quickly with new market penetration and has strong relationships with national and regional companies (including retail and restaurant chains), coupled with ready access to financial and equity partners. James’s firm and principals have completed over $500 million of development related transactions. Their continued success has been built upon their commitment to building long term relationships with high quality national and regional retailers, offering them exceptional locations that meet and often exceed their return on cost criteria.

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James Nashman  

Sanjay Bathija after graduating as Bachelor of Science in Physics & Electronic Instrumentation started his career with his family owned business house having diverse divisions from exports, imports, microfilming, construction & real estate development to manufacturing.

Solely responsible for setting up Micrographics India ,in 1984, involved in the business of microfilming & record management systems catering to large institutions like banks, insurance companies & libraries. Was solely responsible (at that time) in procuring the largest single order in India for Microfilming record management systems from Citibank India, displacing  Kodak (the then market leader) to become the market leader in Microfilming & record management systems in India.

In 1990 joined another family concern, a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU), involved in specialized coatings on faucets & bathroom fittings. To hone his skills on the manufacturing & production of these specialized coatings he underwent training in Belgium for a period of 8 months with a reputed company involved in this line of activity.

Sensing a growing surge in demand for luxury bathware in India, Sanjay visited many trade fairs in Europe & tied up with reputed luxury brands of bathware manufacturers as their sole selling agent for India. In those days, since imports of sanitary fixtures was not allowed by the government, these fittings were imported in semi knock down condition & an assembling & testing plant was set up in Bangalore to facilitate this trade.

In a sense, whether microfilming or luxury bathware Sanjay has always been able to identify new trends, understand customer needs & satisfy their demands. His ability to feel the pulse of the Indian market gives him the required edge in the field of brand management & marketing. 

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Sanjay Bathija  
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